Product Sheet: Powered positioning caliper (PPC)

Date: 7/8/2011

Download: Powered positioning caliper (PPC) (0.24 MB PDF)

Caliper devices are integral to most standard logging tools because measurement of borehole axes is an extremely useful parameter for environmental correction, quantitative interpretation, and cement volume calculation. The powered positioning caliper (PPC) is a multipurpose, four-arm powered caliper that delivers accurate dual-axis wellbore diameter measurements. In addition to reducing operational costs with its fast logging and running speeds and quick rig-up and rig-down time, the PPC measures both the short and long axes of the borehole and provides accurate determination of a wellbore’s volume in advance of running and cementing casing strings in place. Measurements from the PPC offer compliance with API RP 65 Part 2 requirements for accurately measuring borehole volumes prior to cementing casing with the objective of isolating potential flow zones during well construction. The PPC can be run stand alone or in combination with the majority of wireline services, including gamma ray correlation tools.

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