Product Sheet: CutMaster X3 Hydraulic Multicycle Pipe Cutter

Date: 10/28/2013

Save rig time by reducing trips

In P&A and slot recovery operations, the CutMaster X3 hydraulic multicycle pipe cutter provides the capacity for multiple cuts during a single trip. In applications requiring multiple casing cuts, conventional pipe cutters are generally only capable of making two cuts. Then the pipe cutter must be tripped out of hole to change cutting blades. The CutMaster X3 pipe cutter with tungsten carbide inserts has three sets of blades that can make up to 12 cuts in a single trip, saving valuable rig time and surface exposure. 

Multiple cuts in a single trip minimize the rig crew's BHA handling of the drillstring, reducing the crew’s HSE exposure to change pipe cutter blades.

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