Product Sheet: AutoFit Replacement Screens for King Cobra Brand Shakers

Date: 1/1/2010

AUTOFIT screens from M-I SWACO provide a cost-effective, easy-to-use alternative to OEM screens for the Brandt brand ATL 1000, Cobra and King Cobra shakers, while maintaining excellent performance characteristics. Unlike AUTOFIT screens, the OEM screens are awkward, and locating the hole on the screen that mates to the shaker’s retention pin requires strenuous, time-consuming effort. The M-I SWACO, patent-pending AUTOFIT replacement screen provides a recessed area in the frame that bridges over the retention pin and acts as a handor tool-grip spot that allows an operator to lift the screen and easily place it onto the shaker bed. This area also creates an added screen-support brace along the short side of the screen. By placing this brace under the wedge block, the screen now provides a larger surface area to support the block without tearing the mesh surface.

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