Product Sheet: BREAKDOWN 7 Enzyme and Neutral-pH Chelant Filtercake Breaker System

Date: 8/16/2016

The BREAKDOWN 7 enzyme and neutral-pH chelant filtercake breaker system is noncorrosive and designed to clean up water-base filtercakes. The system dissolves FLO-PRO NT high-performance, nondamaging reservoir drill-in fluid system filtercake with slow-acting chemistry, which delivers complete placement in a well’s horizontal section. This slow process enables the system to be spotted in the openhole interval without losses and keeps the breaker fluid in contact with the filtercake instead of bypassing it. The BREAKDOWN 7 system facilitates removal of any washpipe assembly and closure of the downhole fluid-loss-control device before the filtercake is compromised.

In wells intended for long-term suspension, the BREAKDOWN 7 system uses the D-SOLVER 7 neutral chelating agent to achieve a system pH of 7. The D-SOLVER 7 agent is a water-soluble, nonprotonated chelating agent compatible only with monovalent brines.

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