Product Sheet: C-SEAL F Fine-Grind Fluid Loss Control Additive

Date: 8/16/2017

Download: C-SEAL F (0.23 MB PDF)

C-SEAL F fine-grind fluid loss control additive is a fine-sized plugging agent used to bridge and seal permeable formations in water-, oil-, or synthetic-base mud systems. Differential-pressure sticking tendencies are reduced by bridging and plugging when drilling depleted zones where high differential pressure exists. It can be used to control seepage to partial to severe lost circulation zones. C-SEAL F additive is completely inert and does not affect the rheological properties of drilling fluid systems. It reduces torque and drag by increasing lubricity. C-SEAL F additive lowers the spurt and total PPT filtrate loss values. C-SEAL F additive is not removed by the shakers when mixed in the entire circulating system.

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