Product Sheet: CAL-Acid Scale Dissolver

Date: 8/16/2017

Download: CAL-ACID Scale Dissolver (0.24 MB PDF)

CAL-Acid scale dissolver has been developed to provide a viable, fast-acting, noncorrosive alternative to conventional mineral acid treatments of carbonate scales.


CAL-Acid scale dissolver has been designed to return the same calcium carbonate scale dissolution capacity as mineral acid—260 g/L. Scale dissolution rate with the CAL-Acid scale dissolver will vary with temperature (as expected), but the scale dissolver is known to proceed at a slightly lesser rate than the equivalent carbonate reaction with mineral acid. This allows for a rapid yet controlled scale dissolution process and ensures greater chemical penetration into the reservoir, thus delivering maximum results. In addition, CAL-Acid dissolver possesses an inherent sequestering capacity, which prevents the reprecipitation of undesired species such as iron (liberated through scale dissolution) that could potentially damage the formation.

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