Date: 3/20/2014

Download: CD-1400 CENTRIFUGAL D-GASSER (0.67 MB PDF)

The M-I SWACO CD-1400 CENTRIFUGAL D-GASSER provides an innovative and spacesaving solution to degassing problems.

The D-GASSER unit uses a patented, centrifugal-force system rather than conventional vacuum or impact systems.

The CD-1400 D-GASSER unit exerts centrifugal force to the mud, multiplying the force acting on the gas bubbles to increase buoyancy and release. The increase in buoyancy accelerates the bubble-rise velocity. As the bubbles rise toward the surface, they escape the mud and are further broken down by flow turbulence.

A regenerative blower then draws the separated gas out of the unit and discharges it to atmosphere, flair-line, etc.

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