Product Sheet: DEEPCLEAN

Date: 8/1/2010

Download: DEEPCLEAN (0.57 MB PDF)

DEEPCLEAN additive is a highly effective, single-stage well-displacement chemical. It combines the dissolving capacity of powerful hydrocarbon solvents with the water-wetting capability of optimized Hydrophile-Lipophile Balance (HLB) surfactants, creating a double emulsion.  The DEEPCLEAN product satisfies all the requirements of a multiple-stage displacement wash train with just one product.  This efficient combination of powerful solvents, surfactants and water-wetting agents not only provides excellent surface cleaning, but does so with a good-to-very-good HSE profile. When used in wellbore-cleaning operations, its double emulsion performs the task of thinning, dissolving and dispersing oil/synthetic-base-mud residue, while leaving all downhole tubulars and metal surfaces in a water-wet state.

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