Product Sheet: DF-9000 Defoamer

Date: 3/1/2005

DF-9000 defoamer is a very effective foam-control product recommended for use in gas sweetening units.  Foaming in gas sweetening units reduces handling capacity, causes amine losses as well as possible product losses.  Carryover of amine into other parts of the system may also cause pump seal failures.   DF-9000 defoamer is compatible with all amines and glycols commonly used in gas plants.  The active component of DF-9000 defoamer is thermally stable and tolerant of both acidic and alkaline environments.   The antifoam diluent system has been specifically formulated to ensure no deleterious effects on filtration media.  DF-9000 defoamer is a stable, water-soluble product designed to control foaming in gas treating system.  DF-9000 defoamer has been specially diluted to maximize dispersion of the additive in the system.

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