Product Sheet: Diatomaceous Earth Filter Media

Date: 7/20/2016

Download: Diatomaceous Earth Filter Media (0.09 MB PDF)

Ensure fluid quality for successful completions

Maintaining completion fluid quality is an important part of a successful completion. Completion brines that make direct contact with the pay zone or remain in the wellbore after completion must be filtered to remove any solids that might lead to completion hardware problems or impact the production zone. Even small or colloidal particles in the brine can negatively affect recovery. Whether the operation calls for diatomaceous earth (DE) filter media or cartridges, M-I SWACO optimizes the filtration process to meet fluid quality specifications while fulfilling operational requirements and rig limitations.

M-I SWACO recommends the right regenerative filter media to deliver optimal permeability for the application, meeting all processing or efficiency expectations. The filter media of choice is flux-calcined DE to help ensure uniform particulate sizing and distribution, which assists in creating a stable filter. Medium and fine DE should be used only for special projects because they can significantly reduce flow rate.

On request, M-I SWACO provides blends—including cellulose, carbon, and modified clays—to further enhance filtrate quality and efficiency.

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