Product Sheet: Digital Choke Console

Date: 11/1/2004

The M-I SWACO Digital Choke Console provides drillers one of the most accurate and quick-response choke-control systems in the industry. The console has both digital and standard 10,000-psi (689-bar) drill-pipe and casing-pressure gauges, a 3,000-psi (207-bar) gauge to display hydraulic pressure for each system and a 200-psi (14-bar) gauge to display air-supply pressure.

All gauges and the pump/time meter are mounted flush with the panel surface with etched identification labels. The panel layout is ergonomically designed to provide operator comfort with user-friendly placement of gauges. The panel features a larger choke position indicator gauge, high-speed bypass valve and two choke open/close speeds — “Regulated” and “Maximum.”

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