Product Sheet: DRIL‐KLEEN II

Date: 6/1/2004

Download: DRIL-KLEEN II (0.57 MB PDF)

DRIL‐KLEEN II detergent is a concentrated, low‐toxicity drilling fluid additive formulated to aid in preventing bit and bottomhole assembly (BHA) balling in all water‐base muds. It coats drill cuttings and metal surfaces to reduce the sticking tendency of hydratable shales. When applied directly to the bit or BHA, and allowed to dry prior to being run in the hole, the product forms a tough lubricating film that resists gumbo balling. Preventing balling with DRIL‐KLEEN II detergent promotes higher rates of penetration (ROP) and easier trips while reducing the risk of hole packoff. Because of its low toxicity, DRIL‐KLEEN II detergent is applicable in all onshore and offshore water‐base systems.

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