Product Sheet: DS-1617 Deepwater Corrosion Inhibitor

Date: 4/6/2010

Download: DS-1617 (0.57 MB PDF)

DS-1617 is a water-soluble, highly oil dispersible organic corrosion inhibitor that has been specifically formulated for deepwater application. DS-1617 is a synergistic blend of an imidazoline salt and other surfactants. It has been formulated to prevent CO2 and H2 S corrosion in downhole tubing and in subsea pipelines. Furthermore, in testing performed by an independent laboratory DS-1617 has been proven to provide excellent corrosion protection. In autoclave tests, 50 ppm DS-1617 reduced the corrosion rate to less than 0.1 mm/yr at temperatures up to 120°C under both sweet (3 bar CO2 and sour conditions (1 bar H2S).

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