Product Sheet: Dual-Vessel Filtration Unit

Date: 8/1/2016

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Innovative design for a wide range of filtration applications

The M-I SWACO dual-vessel filtration units can be used for a variety of filtration functions—from polishing after diatomaceous earth filtering to hydrocarbon removal. This unit effectively handles contaminants of both known and unknown particulate size and distribution. In applications in which contaminant size and distribution are unknown, the filtration process is stepped in stages. The modular cartridge and bag filter unit with optimized functionality significantly reduces footprint while eliminating the need for additional processing equipment in a wide range of filtration applications.

Each dual-vessel filtration unit can be run in parallel mode, with fluid flowing through a single vessel while the other vessel is in standby, or in series mode, with the flow passing through both vessels sequentially. Additional units can be coupled together with minimal connections to provide multiple parallel and series modes.

Each filtration unit comes with passports and certificates verifying it meets independently approved compliances in asset integrity. In conjunction with these conformity standards, M-I SWACO also provides standard operating and maintenance instructions.

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Optimized Functionality Meets Reduced Footprint

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