Product Sheet: DUO-VIS L

Date: 3/1/2005

Download: DUO-VIS L (0.57 MB PDF)

DUO-VIS L biopolymer is a high yield, non-clarified xanthangum which is pre-dispersed in a water-miscible, oil-free and clay-free carrier fluid. The high-molecular-weight DUO-VIS L xanthan gum biopolymer is the primary economical shear-thinning viscosifier for displacement spacers to provide solids transport, solids suspension, friction reduction, and improved displacement efficiency. DUO-VIS L viscosifier produces elevated low-shear-rate viscosity (LSRV) and high, but fragile, gel strengths. These properties provide superior hole cleaning and suspension, improved hydraulics, reduced torque and drag, and assist in minimizing filtrate invasion. The water-miscible carrier fluid of DUO-VIS L additive assists in dispersion and helps prevent lumps or “fisheyes” so that the polymer rapidly and smoothly viscosifies without the need for high shear. DUO-VIS L product will perform effectively in most water-base fluids from low-solids to highly weighted systems. This includes fresh water, salt, and some heavy-brine systems.

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