Product Sheet: DURAFLO Composite Replacement Screen for NOV BRANDT VENOM, KING COBRA HYBRID, KING COBRA, LCM-3D, and ATL-1000 Shakers

Date: 4/8/2016

DURAFLO composite replacement screens for Venom shaker screens are proven to improve performance compared with traditional metal-back screens. Equipped with the benefits of time-tested, patented, composite technology, the new design improves solids control performance with elongated screen life, increased fluid handling capacity, and larger usable area. Additionally, the screens feature enhanced drilling fluid compatibility, lighter weight, increased by-pass resistance, and pretensioned cloth for cut-point integrity and solids conveyance.

In field performance tests, DURAFLO screen life is twice that of traditional metal-back screens, solids discard rates are improved by more than 50%, and liquid discard on cuttings was reduced by 30%. These test results demonstrate the DURAFLO screen's ability to lower waste disposal costs as well lower mud costs due to volume lost on cuttings.

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