Product Sheet: EXTREME FORCE High-Pressure Filtration Unit

Date: 8/1/2016

EXTREME FORCE high-pressure filtration units provide solutions across a broad range of oilfield operational domains. These units are designed to filter fine solids from clear fluids at high flow rates (up to 21 bbl/min [3,340 L/min]) and high pressures (up to 3,400 psi). These units can be configured so that one vessel is in service while the second vessel is in standby. These features make them the ideal solution for offshore and onshore operations; upstream inline pressure pumping, well testing, and wellhead services; and downstream production, injection, and refining. EXTREME FORCE units deliver the performance and reliability necessary to meet processing efficiency demands, while assisting with mitigation against risks and avoiding compromises to current operations and future output.

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Effective Filtration of Fine Solids at High Flow Rates

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