Product Sheet: FAZE-OUT Reversible-System Water-Base Filtercake Breaker

Date: 4/5/2017

The FAZE-OUT reversible-system water-base filtercake breaker is designed for use on FAZEPRO system filtercakes. In either injector or producer wells, the breaker can totally dissolve reversible invert-emulsion filtercakes, permitting ready injection or flowback through restrictive completions such as premium screens and openhole gravel packs.

Slow, uniform filtercake destruction

The FAZE-OUT breaker uses the D-STRUCTOR breaker as its active component, and, once in the hole, the breaker slowly penetrates the filtercake to destroy it from the inside out. With time, temperature adjustment, and free water, the D-STRUCTOR breaker converts to acid, which then destroys the invert emulsion. It also water-wets and then dissolves the calcium carbonate bridging solids. FAZEPRO system emulsifiers enhance this process as they convert from emulsifiers to water-wetting surfactants. Total destruction of FAZEPRO system filtercakes usually requires less than 16 h.

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