Product Sheet: FAZEBREAK Water-Base Chelant Technology Filtercake Breaker System

Date: 3/1/2016

The FAZEBREAK water-base chelant technology filtercake breaker system delays the reversal and dispersion of FAZEPRO system filtercakes. The FAZEBREAK system is designed to provide sufficient delay to allow completing the gravel pack and pulling the workstring from the gravel-pack assembly while mitigating losses to the formation.

Depending on bottomhole conditions, a breakthrough delay of up to 72 h is possible. Such a long delay allows the breaker to be placed in close contact with the filtercake while gravel packing without the concern of premature filtercake compromise and, ultimately, an incomplete gravel pack. The delay also permits the openhole section to not be isolated from hydrostatic pressure for a longer period of time during other completion operations.

The FAZEBREAK system works efficiently at low reservoir temperatures of less than 155 degF [68 degC]. At temperatures greater than 200 degF [93 degC], an organic acid corrosion inhibitor may be required. At these higher temperatures, the D-SOLVER brine-soluble chelating agent can be used to rapidly complex the divalent ions and assist in cleaning up filtercakes generated with FAZEPRO system. 

The system can also be deployed with the D-SPERSE water-soluble surfactant, a mixed surfactant solution with excellent dispersion and surface-tension-reducing properties. The SAFE-VIS polymer fluid loss control additive can also be used to increase delay in FAZEPRO system reversal and filtercake breakthrough. The SAFE-VIS additive is a suspension of high-quality hydroxyethylcellulose (HEC) polymers in a synthetic carrier.

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