Product Sheet: FILTER FLOC Polymeric Filtration Flocculant

Date: 12/14/2016

The M-I SWACO FILTER FLOC polymeric filtration flocculant is designed to flocculate residual displacement solids, enabling solids to be removed from brine-based completion fluids. By flocculating the residual displacement of solids, the contaminant can be easily transported to the surface and removed through the brine filtration process. For completion fluid applications, the flocculant, applied as a spacer in the displacement train, is prepared by adding 55 galUS [208 L] of the flocculant polymer to 100 bbl [15.9 m3] of the brine base. This flocculant is intended for use in freshwater, seawater, monovalent, and calcium brine fluids; however, the effectiveness is reduced in zinc-containing brines. For reclamation applications, optimum flocculant additions are determined through pilot testing.

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