Product Sheet: FORM-A-BLOK AS Acid-Soluble Lost Circulation Pill

Date: 3/2/2016

The FORM-A-BLOK AS acid-soluble lost circulation pill is a single-sack proprietary blend designed for wellbore strengthening applications and a wide variety of lost circulation scenarios, including fractures and matrix permeability. This product is applied in the form of a pill which, depending on the application, dewaters or deoils rapidly to form a high-strength plug.

The pill can be used in water-base or nonaqueous drilling fluids and at temperatures up to 350 degF [177 degC]. The recommended concentration of FORM-A-BLOK AS pill is 32-lbm/bbl [91-kg/m3] for all fluid densities in freshwater, seawater, or oil- or synthetic-base systems. Mixing a water-base pill will provide the maximum strength. The slurry is weighted with SAFE-CARB 40 ground marble bridging agent. M-I SWACO recommends continuously agitating the pill until it is pumped and pulling the pump screens prior to pumping.

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