Product Sheet: Form-A-Set RET

Date: 10/1/2010

Download: Form-A-Set Ret (0.57 MB PDF)

FORM-A-SET RET retarder should be used in situations when the FORM-A-SET system is mixed or spotted at temperatures higher than 80 °F (27 °C). FORM-A-SET RET retarder  often is required by other FORM-A-SET systems, such as FORM-A-SET AK and FORM-A-SET AKX. The concentration required depends on both mixing and down-hole temperatures.  When used with FORM-A-SET, it is essential that FORM-A-SET RET retarder be added to the water before adding FORM-A-SET. It may be added to the water before or after FORM-A-SET AK or FORM-A-SET AKX, but must always be added before FORM-A-SET XL.

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