Product Sheet: G-SEAL PLUS II Wellbore Stabilizing Agent for North America Land Markets

Date: 5/5/2016

G-SEAL PLUS II wellbore stabilizing agent is a special formulation of G-SEAL PLUS agent that is designed specifically for the North America drilling market, especially the Rocky Mountain region of the western US. G-SEAL PLUS II agent is used to bridge and seal porous and fractured formations in water-, oil-, and synthetic-base mud systems. Differential-pressure sticking tendencies are reduced by bridging and plugging when drilling depleted zones where high differential pressures exist.

Completely inert in design, the agent does not affect the rheological properties of drilling fluid systems. It helps reduce torque and drag by improving lubricity and lowers filtrate loss as evidenced by spurt loss and total fluid loss evaluated with a particle plugging test. In laboratory fracture-sealing tests, the G-SEAL PLUS II agent outperformed graphite-only materials.

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