Product Sheet: HIRIDE Hopper: High-Speed, Rapid-Induction, Dynamic Educator

Date: 2/11/2015

The HIRIDE Hopper integrates a proprietary Minimum Pressure Drop (MPD) 175 nozzle and unique TriMix Diffuser (TMD) into an easily installed, rugged, stainless steel frame which has been designed to an optimal height for improved ergonomics. The unit is available in three configurations: FE, SE and EA.

The HIRIDE Hopper Model 175 FE unit’s dynamicpositioning design offers the unique ability to rotate the MPD/TMD eductor assembly up to 180° while utilizing up to 3 in. (76 mm) of vertical travel, creating unparalleled flexibility for new installs or retrofits on offshore or land rigs. The proprietary eductor design minimizes pressure loss, provides consistently higher vacuum, requires less energy, maintains a rapid rate of induction and reduces “fish eyes.” The ability to maintain high productivity under consistently low or variable circulatingpump pressures makes the HIRIDE Hopper unit the leader in rapid mixing technology.

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