Product Sheet: HISIDE Blender: High-Speed, In-line, Dilution Equipment

Date: 2/11/2015

The HI-SIDE Blender unit is an example of scientific theory and practical engineering meeting to create the next evolution of mix-on-the-fly technology. In offshore drilling, precise fluid density and rheological control are much too important to be left to a mix-on-the-fly unit that may not be doing its job. M-I SWACO engineers, using advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling, have proven that this is often the case. With the aid of CFD, M-I SWACO has designed and engineered the HI-SIDE Blender unit as the answer to the question of accuracy and speed in mix-on-the-fly operations. Capitalizing on a unique combination of baffle geometry, exhaustive design and static mixers; the HI-SIDE Blender unit delivers efficient cut-back of WBM and effective shearing of OBM, ensuring downhole stability, emulsion quality and rapid supply-boat turnaround.

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