Product Sheet: HydraHib Shale Inhibitor

Date: 1/25/2016

Download: HydraHib Shale Inhibitor (0.04 MB PDF)

The HydraHib shale inhibitor is a liquid polyamine shale suppressant used in inhibitive water-base drilling fluids. The inhibitor suppresses clay hydration by intercalating and reducing the space between clay platelets so that water molecules will not penetrate and cause swelling. The additive effective inhibits shale or gumbo clays from hydrating, minimizes the potential for bit balling, and provides superior cutting integrity.

The recommended concentration is 1.5%–6% by volume depending on shale reactivity and the amount of shale in the interval drilled. The HydraHib additive concentration should be monitored using filtrate amine titration. Premix dilution rates should be based on calculated amine depletion rates and the polyamine concentration in the premix.

It is important to monitor cuttings condition at the shakers during drilling operations. Cuttings should be firm and dry inside. Sticky and balled-up cuttings may indicate insufficient inhibition from a low concentration of HydraHib inhibitor. The initial mixture may contain more HydraHib inhibitor than specified in the drilling fluid program to act as a buffer against consumption (for example, 6%–9%).

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