Product Sheet: MAGNOGARD Openhole Magnet

Date: 7/5/2016

Download: MAGNOGARD Openhole Magnet  (0.08 MB PDF)

Designed for use in openhole drilling applications, MAGNOGARD openhole magnet collects metallic debris and junk out of the flow path to maximize fluid bypass. Including the MAGNOGARD magnet in the drillstring increases the life of BHA components and drill bits by reducing exposure to metallic debris and junk present in the wellbore.

How it works

The MAGNOGARD magnet rotates and reciprocates in the open hole without damaging the tool or the formation. The powerful magnets feature protected debris collection valleys that maintain an open fluid bypass around the tool. The MAGNOGARD magnet brings debris to surface for improved removal and inspection.

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Maximize Bit & BHA Life for Enhanced Drilling Efficiency

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