Product Sheet: @balance Services 8068 & 8068-G RCDs

Date: 5/4/2012

Download: 8068 & 8068-G Rotating Control Device (0.21 MB PDF)

RCD Services for Low-Pressure Applications

The low-pressure 8068 rotating control device (RCD) is designed to provide an annular pressure seal in large-diameter wells under standard-temperature conditions. A special version of the 8068—the 8068-G—is available for high-temperature wells.

Both versions feature a split-body design with the bearing assembly securely attached and sealed to the mounting spool via clamping dogs. The split design offers wide versatility in mounting options and allows fast access to large-diameter bores by lifting the entire RCD through a 27 1/2-in rotary table.

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Versatile Design, Solid Performance

@balance Services 8068 and 8068-G RCDs
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