Product Sheet: PIPE-LAX W EH

Date: 11/1/2010

Download: PIPE-LAX W EH (0.67 MB PDF)

PIPE-LAX W EH stuck-pipe additive is a liquid one-drum product for preparing weighted oil-base spotting fluids. It contains gellants, emulsifiers, wetting agents and filter-cake-cracking materials.  PIPE-LAX W EH spotting fluid can be mixed in diesel oil or mineral oil.  Freshwater, seawater or brine can be used for the water portion of the spot. Pipe-Lax W EH product dehydrates and cracks filter cakes, allowing the spotting fluid to penetrate between the drillstring and the formation. The product wets and lubricates the drillstring and reduces the force required to free stuck pipe. Pipe-Lax W EH spots are easily and quickly mixed, requiring no special rig or mixing equipment.

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