PRIMO-SURF Emulsifier

Date: 12/15/2015

Download: PRIMO-SURF Emulsifier  (0.04 MB PDF)

Low-Oil/Water-Ratio Invert-Emulsion System Primary Emulsifier

PRIMO-SURF low-oil/water-ratio invert-emulsion system primary emulsifier is used to make stable high internal-phase (>40%) invert-emulsion fluids, such as PrimoPAC fluid. The emulsifier is designed for use in PrimoPAC fluid where the oil/water ratio ranges between 60:40 and 45:55. The PRIMO-SURF emulsifier provides the low Newtonian rheology required for alpha-beta gravel packing. Additionally, PRIMO-SURF emulsifier is used as a primary emulsifier in solids-free invert-emulsion screen-running fluids.

The emulsifier is mixed using standard rigsite batch-blending equipment, such as a centrifugal pump and mixing tank. Its concentration is fixed at 7 lbm/bbl [20 kg/m3] for the entire density range of PrimoPAC fluid. PRIMO-SURF emulsifier is compatible with all commonly available oil-base muds and oilfield brines.

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