Product Sheet: PYRISOL Iron Sulfide Scale Remover

Date: 3/1/2005

Download: PYRISOL Iron Sulfide Scale Remover (0.36 MB PDF)

It is highly insoluble in produced waters and scaling tends to be extensive. Partial oxidation can lead to the formation of iron oxide (magnetite). Iron sulphide scales tend to be pyrophoric and can oxidise violently upon exposure to air. They are typically oil wet, cathodic to iron/steel surfaces (promoting localised pitting) and usually brittle resulting in accelerated corrosion rates at exposed surfaces. Removal presents a particularly difficult problem as the action of many commercially available dissolvers liberates toxic hydrogen sulphide gas. Iron sulphide is a corrosion product from the reaction between hydrogen sulphide and iron.


PYRISOL dissolves oil wet iron scales in a one-stage process with no liberation of toxic hydrogen sulphide.

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