Product Sheet: RISER MAGNO BUCKET Deepwater Magnet Tool

Date: 4/21/2016

The RISER MAGNO BUCKET deepwater magnet tool can be run in almost all riser-cleaning application where it is anticipated that the annular velocity in the riser may not be sufficient to carry large pieces of ferrous or nonferrous debris to surface.

It can be run as a stand-alone tool or with other riser and wellbore cleanup tools, such as the MAGNOSTAR high-capacity magnet, for operations that generate large sizes and volumes of debris, including casing exits and section milling.

Simplified operation and effective cleaning

The RISER MAGNO BUCKET tool is run in hole as part of the cleanup string to the top of the BOP stack. During circulation of the well or jetting of the BOP stack or wellhead area, the well fluid flows past the outside of the tool. Any ferrous material is captured and retained on the magnet blades on the OD of the junk bucket. As the fluid flow passes the top of the junk bucket, the drop in annular velocity allows larger pieces of nonferrous debris to drop out into the junk bucket. When all circulation is completed, The tool—complete with captured debris—is pulled out of hole. The debris can be easily removed at surface, and the tool can be rerun if required.

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RISER MAGNO BUCKET Deepwater Magnet Tool

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