Product Sheet: SAFE-FLOC II Surfactant and Solvent Blended Filtration Aid

Date: 5/6/2016

SAFE-FLOC II surfactant and solvent blended filtration aid suspends oil-base-mud solids in clear-brine fluids for effective transportation from the well. Solids from drilling mud, pipe dope, and mineral scale are made oil wet and emulsified, ensuring that the solids remain in suspension and are transported out of the well. It also flocculates dispersed mud solids in completion fluid and floats the solids to the surface of a holding tank, enabling the fluid below the surface to be filtered at a higher rate and with longer filtration cycles.

The filtration aid is specifically designed for cleaning prior to the start of production. For downhole use in oil and gas wells, it should be a solution in freshwater or seawater and applied as a spacer. A typical loading is 2% by volume.

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