Product Sheet: SAFE‐CARB Ground Marble Bridging Agent

Date: 4/12/2016

Download: SAFE-CARB Ground Marble Bridging Agent (0.05 MB PDF)

SAFE-CARB ground marble bridging agent is a high-purity, acid-soluble calcium carbonate used as a bridging and weighting agent in drilling, drill-in, workover, and completion fluids. Compared with limestone, the agent features higher hardness and purity, providing better acid solubility.

This calcium carbonate bridging and weighting agent can be used in fluids ranging from conventional drilling fluids to advanced drill-in fluid systems, including FLOPRO NT water-base reservoir drill-in fluid, FAZEPRO reversible invert-emulsion reservoir drill-in fluid system, VERSAPRO invert-emulsion reservoir drill-in fluid system, and DIPRO high-density, divalent brine–base reservoir drill-in fluid.

It can also be used with SEAL-N-PEEL fluid loss control pill to seal the inside of sand-control completion assemblies. As a bridging agent and fluid-loss additive, normal concentrations are 10–50-lbm/bbl [29–143-kg/m3] range. Use OPTIBRIDGE software to select the optimal blend of SAFE-CARB agent to reduce fluid loss and minimize fluid and solids invasion.

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