Product Sheet: Single and Dual Slurry Tanks

Date: 6/28/2016

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Efficient filtration processing equipment

M-I SWACO offers single and dual slurry tanks to deliver effective filtration processing, flow distribution, and filter media management with heightened versatility. Our dual slurry tank solution couples two diatomaceous earth (DE) filter presses to deliver effective, continuous online filtration processing. For enhanced operational flexibility, a single slurry tank is also available for effectively managing filtration off the critical path of operations.

Increased efficiency and safety

Our dual-service slurry tanks are central to continuous online DE filter press fluids filtration processing. In addition to enhanced efficiency, the tanks’ user-friendly, improved ergonomics of manifolds and fluid flowlines save time and mitigate HSE risk when switching between online and standby modes.

Operational integrity

All slurry tanks come with passports of conformity and certificates of declaration that the unit meets stringent STEM and independently approved compliance for asset integrity. We also provide standard work and maintenance instructions. The equipment can be purchased or rented.

Integrated fluid solutions

From the surface system to the reservoir, fluids are the common element connecting all drilling and completion activities. M-I SWACO slurry tanks are key components of the SMART 3D displacement strategy, which takes into account all equipment capabilities to optimize the planning of fluids displacement operations.

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