Product Sheet: THRUCARB 40 Medium-to-Coarse Organophilic Bridging Agent

Date: 1/26/2017

The THRUCARB 40 medium-to-coarse organophilic bridging agent is a ground calcium carbonate used in the FLOTHRU system. The particle size is similar to those found in the SAFE-CARB 40 agent. The THRUCARB 40 agent supplements, but does not replace, other THRUCARB organophilic bridging agents and helps to enhance the overall hydrocarbon production potential through a FLOTHRU system filtercake.

The THRUCARB 40 agent is used in place of the SAFE-CARB 40 agent in FLOTHRU systems when a medium-to-coarse bridging particle is required as determined by the OPTIBRIDGE bridging agent selection software in the design process. Using the THRUCARB 40 agent adds an additional organophilic component to the FLOTHRU system filtercake. When used in conjunction with the THRUCARB agent, THRUCARB 20 agent, and the THRUTROL organophilic filtration control additive, and conventional SAFE-CARB agent, the resulting filtercake generates low-permeability-to-water in the injection direction but readily permits hydrocarbon production.

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