Product Sheet: TPS-1S Compact Thermal Phase Separation System

Date: 1/1/2010

The M‐I SWACO TPS‐1S system delivers proven Thermal Phase Separation technology in a compact, highly portable unit. It is ideal for remote drilling sites, ecologically sensitive areas, and projects on which small volumes of mud and cuttings are expected.

This system is the advanced, second generation of M‐I SWACO field‐proven TPS thermal desorption technology. The system incorporates the high separation efficiency, recovered oil quality, cost effectiveness and low emissions that have made TPS technology the industry preference. The unit offers rugged construction, skid‐mounted design and a compact, 10 x 50‐ft frame. This combination of performance, ruggedness and portability makes the TPS‐1S system the preferred mud and cuttings treatment solution for frontier exploration and drilling.

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