Product Sheet: VERSA-CHOKE

Date: 3/20/2014

Download: VERSA-CHOKE (0.78 MB PDF)

The 5K (345 bar), 10K (689 bar) and 15K (1,034 bar) VERSA-CHOKE is engineered for advanced well-control applications, requiring large orifice with high pressure and temperature ratings.

The position-based VERSA-CHOKE is controlled by a specially designed hydraulically driven worm-gear actuator. Unique to the modular VERSA-CHOKE is the capacity to easily "hot swap" the actuator without having to disassemble any internal components, thereby reducing maintenance time. Two styles of hydraulic actuators are available, a piston-style actuator for use on the 5K VERSA-CHOKE and a worm-gear style for use on any pressure VERSA-CHOKE. In case of extreme situations, both actuator styles are designed to withstand, without failure, the full working pressure on the outlet of the choke. Available in reversible 1½, 2 and 3-in. trim sizes, the VERSA-CHOKE carries an API P-X (-20°F to 350°F) temperature rating.

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