Product Sheet: WELL DOMINATOR Positive Test Tool

Date: 4/7/2017

Download: WELL DOMINATOR Positive Test Tool (0.07 MB PDF)

The WELL DOMINATOR positive test tool is a customized ball-drop tool. Combining the positive test tool with the WELL COMMISSIONER liner-top test tool enables the performance of a high-pressure positive test and a negative inflow test on the same run as well as the wellbore cleanup and displacement if required. The positive test tool—hydraulically inactive while running in the hole—is activated when a dropped ball moves the internal sleeve. This opens an internal communication path to the hydraulically actuated hold-down pads. The packer is set above the liner top to be tested. Fluid is then pumped down the string into the closed system, resulting in pressure buildup and resultant holding force being applied to the pads at the same time.

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