Product Sheet: WELLZYME ME

Date: 8/1/2005

Download: WELLZYME ME (0.57 MB PDF)

WELLZYME ME is a starch‐specific enzyme (amylase) designed to breakdown filter cake deposited by water‐base reservoir drill‐in fluids. WELLZYME ME enzyme removes the problems associated with using conventional, more aggressive breakers, such as wormholing, corrosion and health and safety hazards. WELLZYME ME enzyme works alone, or in combination with other types of breakers, such as D‐SOLVER, to break down and disperse the filter cake, thereby promoting uninhibited production. By degrading the starch into simple sugars, WELLZYME ME enzyme breaks down the integrity of the filter cake and allows the bridging agent to be dispersed efficiently or dissolved by an associated breaker treatment.

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