Product Sheet: ZIRCOSOL Lead Dissolver

Date: 10/2/2013

Download: ZIRCOSOL Lead Dissolver (0.36 MB PDF)

ZIRCOSOL is a unique chemistry designed to efficiently and safely remove radioactive metal deposits from NORM contaminated oilfield equipment through a simple static soak process.

NORM results from the deposition of water soluble radioactive ions in the reservoir deposited as metals or mineral scale during oil and gas production.


Contaminated equipment is immersed in ZircoSOL and the radioactive solids dissolved leaving the equipment NORM free. A 20m3 batch of ZircoSOL will clean 200 – 400 full joints of production tubing, contaminated with elemental lead 210 (ca. 50Bq/cm2 internal and 10Bq/cm2 external). ZircoSOL can be disposed of through re-injection to the reservoir, or by post treatment re-precipitation of contaminants to produce a low volume solid waste stream. A complete bunded, mobile decontamination system allows on-site, point of generation, decontamination and avoids the need for transportation of radioactive equipment.

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