Product Sheet: Secure2 RF-Safe Electronic Detonator

Date: 9/19/2014

Download: Secure2 RF-Safe Electronic Detonator (0.07 MB PDF)

Improved detonation safety and reliability

The Secure2 RF-safe electronic detonator is the fourth generation of S.A.F.E. slapper-actuated firing equipment initiators, which have been in use worldwide since 1988. This latest iteration provides a step change in performance reliability, with all electronics contained in the detonator package and fully expendable. The reliability of the Secure2 detonator is comparable to that of a traditional resistor-based detonator, with an efficiency of 99.82%, while maintaining the safety benefits of a high-power initiator. The Secure2 detonator is also radio frequency (RF) safe, with certification from an independent third-party assessor, which improves overall operational efficiency by allowing radio transmitters to stay on and critical wellsite operations, such as helicopters, boats, cathodic protection, and welding in appropriate locations, to continue during perforation operations.

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