Product Sheet: FoamSEAL Stable Crosslinked Foaming Gel

Date: 6/4/2014

Download: FoamSEAL Stable Crosslinked Foaming Gel (0.78 MB PDF)

Conformance control with high-quality foam

To control unwanted gas or water production—and increase oil production—FoamSEAL stable crosslinked foaming gel is designed to  create a seal in gas-producing zones, effectively trapping the gas.

By producing a high-quality foam capable of invading the gas zone and sealing it, the gel stops gas flow toward crude oil channels.

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Reduce Unwanted Gas and Water Flow, Increase Oil Production

FoamSEAL Stable Crosslinked Foaming Gel
FoamSEAL gel produces a high-strength foam that effectively seals natural fissures and fractures, stopping the unwanted flow of gas and water. Download product sheet