The Essentials of Fiber-Optic Distributed Temperature Analysis

In recent years the cost of production logs has increased considerably because many wells are drilled horizontally through the reservoir and the logging tools must be conveyed on coiled tubing or by well tractors. In certain cases, such as some subsea wells, production logging tool conveyance is not possible. Consequently, alternative technologies become viable if they can be installed in wells at a reasonable cost and their data can be interpreted to give flow and other production information. The Well Watcher DTS system is just such a technology.

This manual outlines the current technology and best practices of distributed time- and depth-based temperature analysis for use with the WellWatcher DTS system.

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Obtain Zone Data Across the Length of the Wellbore

WellWatcher DTS
Fiber-optic DTS permanent monitoring technology can provide temperature measurements over the complete length of the optical fiber in a wellbore and identify the source of changes in well performance as they occur. Visit Distributed Permanent Measurement Systems page