Industry Article: Pushing Up the Range of Options

As operators seek to optimize production in a cost-cutting climate, Schlumberger has responded by ramping up its artificial lift offerings

Article on Schlumberger artificial lift offerings
Publication: Upstream Technology
Publication Date: 03/01/2015

Schlumberger has broadened its range of artificial lift offerings to address the scope of challenges presented by unconventional oil and gas wells. The reservoirs pose a difficult flow environment because of the large volumes of solids, which can plug a wellbore and erode equipment. Produced water can carry corrosive fluids with carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide, or deposit scale, while oil can leave paraffin or asphaltene deposits. Further challenges come from gas production, which make a pump less efficient and in extreme situations can cause gas locking. In addition, undulations in horizontal wellbores can lead to slugging production. These wellbore conditions need to be addressed in a holistic way.

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Article on Schlumberger artificial lift offerings
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