Industry Article: Companies Can’t Overemphasize Well Integrity

Cement job integrity can be improved with a rotating mandrel hanger that allows the casing to be rotated through the heel of the lateral while installing and cementing

Companies Can’t Overemphasize Well Integrity
Publication: E&P
Publication Date: 08/01/2015

Production optimization begins with a good completion, and a good completion depends on the integrity of the primary cement job. Every year poor cement jobs cause tremendous costs to the oil and gas industry. Poor cement jobs demand additional cementing operations such as squeeze jobs. These operations are time-consuming and rig-demanding, which in turn leads to economic loss. If a poor cement job is left unattended, the result can be catastrophic.

Setting the packer and optimal placement of fluids and cement represent areas of challenge in horizontal wellbores. Suspension of the hanger represents a major challenge. The parent hanger body has a tendency to spin before latching once the child is landed, causing a less-than-safe condition and potential rod wear. Also, fluids and cement migrate to the low side of the hole, resulting in a less-than-optimal distribution downhole.

The Cameron MN-DS multibowl nested-diverter snap-ring wellhead system incorporates a unique rotating mandrel casing hanger designed to improve cement job integrity and wellbore stability for vertical and horizontal gas wells. The hanger enables the operator to rotate the production casing during installation, promoting better displacement efficiencies, effective zonal isolation, and less eccentricity in the pipe during cementing jobs. By rotating the hanger, slurries can be more evenly distributed inside the wellbore.

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MN-DS Multibowl Nested-Diverter Snap-Ring Wellhead System

MN-DS Multibowl Nested-Diverter Snap-Ring Wellhead System
The MN-DS system enables casing rotation, making it easier to push casing through to the heel of the lateral; a backpressure valve set once cementing is complete, enables you to rig down the BOP and skid the rig sooner.
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