Industry Article: CT Annular Fracturing: What’s Trending Now?

Another positive step forward is made in the use of CT for annular fracturing

CT annular fracturing: What’s trending now?
Publication: E&P
Publication Date: 11/01/2015

Operators find the CT annular fracturing technique attractive for a multitude of reasons, including the ability to

  • push and pull during tool conveyance
  • locate and fracture precisely within the formation
  • pinpoint proppant placement where it is most effective
  • monitor real-time fracturing zone pressure to obtain the information needed to control fracture growth and avoid screenouts
  • make a quick recovery from screenouts by circulating the fracturing zone, enabling sand removal
  • reduce the amount of water needed to fracture the well
  • eliminate the need to drill out plugs or remove ball seats.

Overall, CT annular fracturing offers a means to obtain a precise understanding of the fracturing operation downhole and knowledge of how the formation is taking the treatment.

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