Industry Article: Solving Inefficiencies of Fracturing Fluid Delivery

New structured fracturing fluid delivery system brings order to a cluttered work environment

Solving inefficiencies of fracturing fluid delivery
Publication: E&P
Publication Date: 11/01/2015

Originating from the pumping of cement from cement pump trucks to the wellbore, the conventional pipework—frac iron— used to deliver fracturing fluid from the pump trucks to the frac tree can no longer be considered the best solution. The emergence of multiwell pad drilling brought to light not only inefficiencies in fracturing operations but also safety issues. Derived from a mindset that there must be a better way, a new technology is raising the flag as an innovative solution to today’s high-volume fracturing operations.

A factor in the evolution to multiwell pad drilling and batch completions is the increased time that stimulation crews are spending on the wellsite. Not long ago, service providers often spent five to seven days fracturing a single well, with 20 stages per well on average. Nowadays pressure pumping service crews are spending 20 to 30 days on a multiwell pad and are fracturing more than 50 stages per well.

Meanwhile, operators push lateral lengths and the number of fracturing stages and drill wells more closely together while greatly increasing proppant and fracturing fluid volumes. Doing all of this requires sustained use of pressure pumping equipment at high-performance thresholds, prompting faster wear and tear on fracturing service equipment.

One of the standard responses to these conditions has been to put more fluid through the conventional frac iron. But that only adds to an already tangled maze of lines at the wellsite. Cameron’s answer is the patented Monoline flanged-connection fracturing fluid delivery technology, which uses a single line, adheres to the American Petroleum Institute’s 6A standards, and employs bolted connections to promote a higher level of system integrity and safety.

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Monoline Flanged-Connection Fracturing Fluid Delivery Technology

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Monoline technology presents a safer, faster, cleaner alternative to conventional frac iron on multiwell pads. Visit Monoline Technology page