Industry Article: Engineered Spacers for Improved Zonal Isolation

Customized chemistry enhances drilling fluid removal prior to cementing

Engineered Spacers for Improved Zonal Isolation
Publication: E&P
Publication Date: 05/07/2015

The CemPRIME engineered chemistry spacer is customized based on specific wellbore conditions and other pertinent selection criteria to remove drilling fluids more effectively prior to cementing, and is particularly applicable to wells drilled with nonaqeuous fluids. The service is founded on advanced laboratory procedures and equipment that improve the reliability and repeatability of spacer evaluation, including testing under high pressures and temperatures. Mubadala Petroleum sought to assess and improve spacer performance in its Jasmine Field in the Gulf of Thailand, which has bottomhole temperatures up to 105 degC (221 degF). Laboratory tests using the CemPRIME solution delivered a twofold increase in cleaning efficiency compared with the spacer used previously. After a successful field test, Mubadala Petroleum adopted the new formulation for additional cement jobs in the field.

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CemPRIME Engineered Chemistry Spacer
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