Two Middle East Operators Achieve Real-Time Perforating

Two Middle East Operators Achieve Real-Time Perforating
Publication: Pipeline
Publication Date: 11/01/2015

Perforating with coiled tubing (CT) has earned its stripes as a reliable method for a wide range of downhole challenges, from high-deviation well trajectories to extended-reach wells to high-rate, high-pressure reservoirs. Two Middle East operators successfully deployed a safer, more efficient and cost-effective method for selective perforating with CT on conventional and unconventional horizontal wells, accomplishing in one run what otherwise would have required multiple runs. The Schlumberger ACTive OptiFIRE CT real-time selective perforating and activation system combines the advantages of wireline-addressable switches, selective perforating guns, and secure detonators with the fast telemetry and advantages of the ACTive fiber optic-enabled telemetry system for on-command perforating and real-time detonation confirmation into a CT solution that can effectively reach target depth. This system eliminates the need to have both a wireline crew and a CT crew at the well site, minimizing the environmental footprint and reducing rigup and mobilization costs.

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ACTive OptiFIRE CT Real-Time Selective Perforating and Activation System
Deployed with the ACTive Perf service, the ACTive OptiFIRE perforating and activation system's perforating guns can be activated up to ten times in a single run. Visit ACTive Perf Service page